hey guys so im making a preloader for my flash movie.

the .FLA files are attached at the bottom. intro.swf is the actual movie and introLoader.swf is the preloader and it loads intro.swf into it.

the problem with the actionscript previously was that itd start playing the external movie halfway through the preloader bar as if it was streaming... (please advice a fix to this after looking at my code if there is)

however i found a workaround that doesnt really work.. i used xyz.stop(); and xyz.play(); functions to control when the external movie plays.

The problem with those functions is that i need a check for them i.e if(percentage <100) etc. which causes problems like if the flash movie is already watched once and cached and you reload the page it wont play.

if you could please help me out by either telling me how to stop the external movie from playing without using a check (eg. if(percentage <99) {stop movie}) or if you could just fix this in anyway it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

All replies are welcome.
Thanks :D

FLA's (sry too big to upload here)