Hey guys I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment.
I have a main folder with my main html file in it or index.html. And also inside that folder I have other flders to contain the other pages/images and css.

Does anyone know how I can access these other folders and move to and from them by using the navbar on the site.

For example the main or home page is referenced just by using index.html. I tried using about/index.html to access the second page which is located within the about folder.

Sorry if I made a simple situation seem really difficult but I am puzzeled at the moment.
Thanks in advance Edmond.

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You're going wrong there. Suppose your index.html file is located at the root /index.html and your about folder is located in the same folder /about , you will access it using /about/whatever.html .

I hope your problem is solved now.


You are welcome! :)

Since you're problem is solved, please mark the thread as solved so that it can be used to help others.

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