Hi peeps,
sorry for the silly questions, but can anybody clarifying where front end development ends and where back end starts?
I mean I have in mind javascript for front end, but then would you consider php, asp.net backend?
Perhaps somebody could clarify please?

In the example you provided, these are considered scripting languages. Javascript is client side, where php and asp.net is server side. what the means is that when you code javascript in an html file, the browser is the one that will run the code when it loads on the user's computer. Where, php and asp.net do not run in the user's browser. When a browser opens a .php or .aspx file, the web server runs the code and returns html back to the user agent (browser). Browsers do not run php or asp.net code. The webserver runs this code. And with javascript, the browser runs this code, not the webserver.

The fornt end development refers to the view of a page like the design html css jquery to move for design elements in general all the design part the back end is the part where you put the code and design to login for example or to create dinamic content.
If you have any other questions just ask?
Have a nice day