Hello every one i want to know about that how can i make an seo friendly Webdesign...

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If you are intereted in Search Engine Optimization, which you should be if you are designing and implementing a website, I would take a look at Google's Search Engine Optimization Guide. I think its a really good place to start. You should see your site cralwed and start to have pages rank if you follow the best practices.


Once you have read the SEO guide from Google you will have a better idea. If at this point you are only looking into on page SEO than you can immediately benefit from removing any keyword stuffing. You will also find that you can imporve your rank with the H1 and H2 as well as your title. Keep abreast of Google changes by way of their blog and keep making updates as they are released. SEO seems to change frequently so find a good source for recent updates and follow it regularly.

If you are capable of making basic changes to most basic HTML tags then you may not have to enlist a webmaster to perform simple on page SEO adjustments. But, if you don't think you are qualified or if you simply don't have the time to make the adjustments then you will want to hire for the position. SEO on page and off page changes almost monthly so make sure that the designer you choose is aware of the most recent SEO techniques which are necessary to keep your page at the top of the engines results.

User keywords for every page. make sure the keywords in listed in the page somewhere. You could even create a tag cloud to list your keywords. but you want the keywords in your content as much as possible. Page description for each page. This will follow the same rules for keywords. Make sure the to describe you page the best you can. Anchor tags should have a title tag. i.e. <a href="" title="This is a title tag"></a> , images should contain alt tags <img src="" alt="" /> In the alt tag give a small description of the image being placed in it. Also you could add a title tag as well to the image. Content is key, should have your keywords and description somewhere in your content. Link to other sources in your content, link to other pages on your site in your content. this will build a small "network" between your pages through links.

This is just a fraction of what some good SEO work is. But alot of the seo is research on content, keywords, and demographics.

Yes its a good thought to make a SEO friendly website and with that you can get pagerank and good traffic. For making SEO friendly website, you have to follow few tips for that and you ca get easily online. And if you want to make the best one, you can contact OpenXcell Australia - a leading web design company.

There are rare principles to keep in mind while designing your site to be search engine friendly. These are just very simple principles like Make your text readable, Make your navigation clear, Images Make sure that every page in your site has some element that ties it in with the rest of the site; otherwise visitors can be confused by the conflicting design.
For More Information please follow below link: http://www.e2solutions.net/articles/seo-friendly-website.html

if you are using gwt for your application, you might need some tricks, because search engines tend to look at what you have in your html code, while gwt creates your entire application in javascript.

you'll have a basic html page, yes, but sometimes that's not much more than:

<div id="myPage">

and a simple call to your .js file.
so, if you want your application to be found, you can easily see there has to be some "tuning" done :)

To make a site SEO Friendly first You have to optimize the on page factors like good title,url,keywords,description,Quality links.etc.Above All the content is very important.The content Needs to be really good and should be relevant for users and according to W3C guidelines.

Well making an SEO friendly website is not that much easy as it hears....

Will changing my site title that I've had for almost 4 years - to make it shorter and focused on keywords - hurt me with google?

Concentrate on the On Page activities like the title tag, keywords, description. You should give special attention to h1 and h2 tag,

Now the most important designing part should attract user to atleast be on your website for 1 minute. Use appropriate font style, color combination should be perfect, the images used should not take much time to load i.e.. use light weight images.... and many more to go.


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The intially the factor that you can do for making seo friendly website are the factors of on site seo like meta title, description,urls and the content. These are the points that make site to the search engine friendly site.

Firstly focus on On page factors(activities related to your site).Given here:-
1)Keyword analysis spend most of the time on it because your ranking depend on your keywords.Check Competition,Global and monthly search of the keywords.Then choose best one for you.
2)Make your meta tags(title,meta description and meta keywords)
3)use keywords in Header tags(h1,h2..)
4)Make your content donot use keyword stuffing,content should be genuine and not be copied form any where else.
5)optimize your image(using ALT tag)
6)make a sitemap and robots.txt of your site.
7)donot put heavy java scripts and use flash only where it is needed.
8)donot use frames in your site.
After that you can Focus on Off page factors to rank up your site.

SEO web design is a becoming popular trends in online business services. Because SEO web design helps in increasing our online web presence.

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