I am a beginner at web design
I am programming a Recipe Website that has 1000's of recipes.
On the search page, the customer can assign a choice on any or all of the 5 drop menus
(1. Culture 2. Course 3. Protein 4. Ingredient 5. 2nd Ingredient)
If no choices are made, then the output will show a figure of total number
Of recipes available to view but as certain options are chosen, then the
Output will show a number of recipes available that contain the parameters chosen.

What would the code be for the page with the drop menus on it be AND
would I have to include hidden notes on each recipe so that it will be include in
the list of appropriate recipes?

Cheers and thanks

Since you are building a website with dynamic content, you need to consider that you will need to incorporate a server side scripting language such as PHP, ASP.NET, etc...

You can populate the drop menus from a database so that when changes are needed, you do not have to touch your HTML code. In addition, when a user selects something from the dropdown, during the post back (or if you are using JavaScript/Ajax), you can retrieve new information from your datasource.

Its going to be very challanging to provide you with the actual code you need on that page since you first have to determine what progamming language you plan on incorporating. I do not beleive that you will be able to soley use HTML and JavaScript. You will run into many challanges presenting dynamic data to the website visitors.