I was doing my project today and when I start typing in this page this happen
I don't know why did this happen is their someting wrong with my template

also there is another probelme even though I only made the content is editable I still can edit and change the sidebar and navigation
how can I fix these problem

thank you in advance ^^

It looks like your containing div (with the pink background has a set height to it. The text you added pushed the content beyond that height limit.
You can change the height of the div to something like height:auto (so it is always just as big as it needs to be) or use min-height: some value if it requires a set minimum.

Code manualy don't use dreamweaver or other stuff like wysiwyg editors they will not make your website easy to modify or read

thank you for your help , but I messed up every think I tried both mini-height and height auto , but the problem is that every page have diffrent amont of contnet

Then use height: auto. the div will always be the size of the content plus any padding you have added.

thank you it worked ^^
I got another problem I've made change in my template and now I want to apply the changes to all of my pages when Select Modify > Templates > Update Pages. nothing change