I have a menu (Telerik: RADMenu) to be available in arabic language support, which means float from right to left.
the Menu works fine in IE & Firefox, but not on other browsers; but when using firebug inspect element, I get exttra style as below which makes the menu vertical, but when i disable it (using firebug) it show correctly:

element.style {

So how can i get rid of this browser side encoding.
Can check my site in safari or chrome browser for the menu:


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try using css reset

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I have tried adding

#elementID{ width:auto !important; }

and also adding the width:auto !important; to most of the the css properties but no use.

Its showing under the ul class for the radmenu

Can be checked at http://demo.bayaninvest.com/arstat.aspx


try using css reset

css reset

How can I add the reset, and to which css style sheet. As there is one for the theme, and the one for the menu style (core), or to the style sheet of the page itself.

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