I am trying to build a rollover content menu... just like the one in the mbusa site (their site menu)... does anyone know how to make one or can show me a reference to one?


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google CCS only drop down menu and you will find plenty of examples. Javascript versions work just as well too.

Do you know of one specific to the one I'm looking for? (look at mbusa.com)

I am probably gonna use our brother google and maybe its sister bing :)
Or read a little more...

Thanks for the 2 links, they'll seem useful for later practices :)

For these types of effects, I would recommend you play a bit with jQuery. Visit jQuery.com for documentation, tutorials, examples, etc...

If you know JavaScript, jQuery is quick to learn. From there, there are tons of examples on the web.

I did notice how easy it was to understand Jquery, it's actually, by my opinion, just like css (just a little more technical ;) )

That all solves your problem, then mark the thread as solved to let others it is solved!

Yes, it does solve my issues! Thanks you guys!

(do forgive me, i tend to forget to mark things as solved :( )

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