Not sure which one to choose – Dreamweaver or Visual studio? Want to know whose market position is stronger and which is more effective? Read this article to make an informed decision.


Everyone wants the best available tool to get their jobs done, especially when it comes to Web Development. You want to get the best possible results out of the best tools. If you ask people to choose between Visual Studio and Dreamweaver, the majority of the people will vote for Dreamweaver because of its multifunctional features. In this article, I am going to mention some important features of both the programs which, I am sure, will help you choosing the best one for you.
Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio‘s Visual Interdev tool allows you to get a high quality application development studio. Development tools that are designed by Microsoft intend to make things easy for the developer and Interdev is one of them. Striking web applications are provided by this tool. Microsoft Visual Studio‘s Visual Interdev offers data-driven web applications with the help of a data source that is supported by OLE DB or ODBC (Microsoft’s Database Management systems). It allows you testing, debugging and quick design of your web pages through its extensive toolbox, Design-time Controls (DTCs) and Scripting Object model. Microsoft’s multimedia features, and dynamic HTML help writing the broad –reach web pages. It provides integrated web solutions including applets crafted in Microsoft® Visual FoxPro®, Visual J++™, Visual Basic® and Visual C++®.
But it is not devoid of shortcomings. Microsoft software works well with Microsoft applications whether it is Internet Information Server, SQL server or Transaction server but it does not treat the same way with similar applications or products from other sellers. This may be one of the strategies to sell their products other than others but it causes enough hindrance to those who are using it. Microsoft’s .NET guarantees the overall development of web and software updates but to what extent it may be true is not known or it may be not the best time to come to a conclusion.
Adobe Dreamweaver

It is by far the most effective and popular web design software program that is available in the market. It is a WYWIWYG (What You Want Is What You Get) program. The latest version of this award-winning program is CS6. It runs on Windows and Mac computers. It provides awe-striking design features, elevated development tools, support XML, CSS 3, PHP, AJAX, HTML 5 and lots more. It contains large number of features including floating dialogue box, customizable palettes and toolbars. It has similar interface like InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. You can create lots of advanced interactive features with the help of this program such as simple native applications for mobile devices, rollover images, collapsible panels, fluid-grid layouts and drop-down menus. Effective panels and widgets expand these features and this makes Dreamweaver go far beyond all other programs in the same category.
Dreamweaver Overshadows Visual Studio

If your intention is to develop dynamic web pages then go for Visual web developer. The second reason for which you can rely on it is that you will get it absolutely free. When you are not an expert in writing codes, visual studio program is a great way to start with for practicing and when you don’t have enough money to spend on. Dreamweaver is not a free program. Visual studio has integrated server and Dreamweaver does not have. Visual studio does not let you to see the design whereas it is allowed by Dreamweaver. There are several other features which are missing on Visual studio such as demos of what you are coding can be seen, code formatting can be seen too and so on. Visual studio allows coding while Dreamweaver supports both coding and designing.

Now it depends on you which one and for what purpose you want to use for your web development. If you will ask me, I recommend you Dreamweaver as it is more effective in every aspect than any other web development programs.


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How about plain old markup, php, and css. That way you get only the code/ markup you need, and you get to learn new stuff at the same time!

It doesn't matter what code editor you use for your website, it depends upon the language you use. Visual Studio is good enough for C, C++, C#, Visual Basic,, etc. It isn't good for php.

It makes the work of a programmer easier with all its embedded features. it is an design based code editor. That is why I like it. Dreamweaver on the other hand, gives me a chance to learn the codes thoroughly, since it does not come with ready made help plugins and designing features as such.

Personally, I'd prefer my notepad ++.

But ryt now you should not be worrying about the IDE, but rather the language.

If you are creating a dynamic website using Microsoft Technologies then Visual Studio is the best choice for you but if you are going to code a static html/css/javascript based website then Adobe Dreamweaver is best code editor. and for php coding too.

It depends on your choice of developing a website like if you want to build a website dynamically then visual studio is the best option for that and if you want to design a static website then adobe drewamweaver is the best tool for you.

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