so basically, I have a plugin for a forum that applies a glow effect to the message content...

however, in modern browsers quotes and codes also have the glow applied to them, unless negated by another glow,
while in IE8, this also affects images and other content...

how can I unapply the effect on the content in both browsers??

in recent info on IE8, you can apparently set the glow filter to none,
but my question is if that'll negate from inside the efect... >_>

in modern browsers, a work-around is using a black 1px glow (0px doesn't apply it and uses the outer glow),
but in IE8 that's drawn over the existing glow...
^ that's also another issue I'm having with the BBC glow effect plugin (the user-glow is also applied to it)

can someone help??

try using changing the opacity of the button.

on over opacity =.8
and othercase opacity=.4


and I don't think opacity will do anything to the glow >.>
(on both browsers)

here's a better example (in BBC) of what I want to do:

[glow=yellow,5,0] <-- NOTE: this BBC is to show what's staticly applied by the plugin
(the 0 is an ignored width value from old PB forums)
^I've supported the value in another plugin of mine

some glowing text here.

[glow=black,1,0]this text should look as if it's not glowing[/glow]

this text should glow the same as above

in IE8 the black glow just overlays the green glow.
I want my forum to be viewable on IE8 as well as modern browsers...
how can I fix that??

instead of using a black glow...
how can I completely remove the glow effect??

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