Hi there, I am taking a html/java script class and I am completely lost. Can anyone help?
Here is what my assignment is:
Create an HTML file with Javascript to do the following
Have text boxes for the user to enter 2 numbers
Have a button so that when clicked calculates the sum of the two numbers and puts it into a 3rd text box

Hint: Remember when you read a value out of a text box it is a string so it will need to be converted to a number first

Can anyone help me out? It would be greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome to DaniWeb!

Lots of people here to help you, none to do the work for you. So, I'd recommend that you post what you have so far and lets see where you actually need help.

If you are unable to even develop the HTML markup portion of this assignment, then my suggestion is to check out W3schools.com. tutorials there that are quick to do and can at least bring you up to speed for this assignment probably in about an hour.