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I want to create an option that will reset my page once the user clicks on an alert the controller will reset to original form. I have the alert all set up but I am not sure how to do this. In JavaScript I created a function that did this startANewGame(); which was this

function startANewGame() {
    $('#startNew').click(function() {
    }); // End of $('#startNew')
}   //End of function startANewGame()

Is there a way to a function such as reload in AngularJS that will do this or do I need to create a function? Here is how my option looks so far in my controller.js file

            else (($scope.allowed - $scope.guessed) < 0)
                    $scope.result = "Game over! The word was: ";    
                    alert($scope.result + $scope.wordToGuess);  

Thank you guys.