I don't understand what the problem is at all... I can point you to the url [link removed] but I just need people to tell me what html and css they need to know... I can put it all here but it would be a bit overwhelming.

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Add clear:both; to the footer's css.

We can make a website for you in a breeze!

Oh the irony.

Aha Thank you. Now just one more question, what exactly does that do?

It specifies which sides (both) of the element may not be adjacent to previous floats.

Those coffee/phone boxes are floats.

Yet another link to my site as a wonderful web developer, along with a question that says :"I have no idea what I am doing"

@Traevel:Its never going to see the irony
It doesnt say "good website" it just says "website"

[helpful ? trying again anyway]
Geez ben, Googlebot will associate [link removed] with www.weblup

these questions and the links will from this site will appear before your own links, and downgrade you.
People will see you know nothing (Now)
won't be able to understand the time between now and then,
and assume you know nothing (then),
before they hit your live page, , when you go live

Of course you're at DaniWeb, you know there are errors, you don't need customers to know

post the code for direct remediation,
put the site on a freehost and link to that for questions, until it works and you have full idea what you are doing,
bad links then go somewhere other than your live host : blogspot maybe

This sticky read me-before-you-ask-for-review-code-compliant-sites-rank-higher-in-ser may help with some questions before you ask em

move to html5 instead of xhtml before you go live,
so much easier,
so much more user friendly,
so much more coder friendly,
so much more capable,
so much less codework

and nobody wants a developer who's own site isn't current

Wow thank you for pointing that out... I just googled "test weblup" and you could see the DaniWeb articles about it. The only thing is that it's [link removed] because my webhost has many little tricks that free webhosts just don't have. So I made temporary subdomain while I was remaking my main website. So would just removing the link solve the problem... or what... because I don't know exactly what to do

the voice of stupidity speaking there, but whats a bloke to do, making mistakes teaches painfully, learning from my mistakes is better for you
It took me months, to find the bad links to my development site

Removing the link is going to help, a lot,
the links are still in google data,
when you clear your subdomain, the links will expire rapidly, the page they link to does not exist
clear the subdomain, completely, at least a couple weeks before you go live

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