Hello all,

I am thinking where to start. Basically I want to learn about HTML. But I don’t have basic HTML knowledge. Where should I start? Though I am following w3school. Do you think that it’s enough for basic knowledge? If so, how much should I devote for learning HTML.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciate!

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I think w3school basic html tutorial is more than enough. It was a great place for study , and you can certificate at w3school when you are ready to.

I want suggest another web , codecademy. It doesn't as complete reference as w3school but it presented with great interactive learing plan. You can run the code on the browser.

Learning at site like w3school make common with the ide ( ex : notepad )
Learning at site like codecademy is fun because i doesn't need to open ide ( ex: notepad )

You're right I think. Cause your thinking and my thining is same. However, how much time should it take? If I study this 1 hour everyday.

All the on-line references are more than adequate for learning HTML/CSS and the learning curve is not at all difficult. Though I will recomend to try a couple good books to have them handy all the time. I would sugest the Head First series. I like them very much for the easy way of presenting and learning.

What you need to learn depends on what you want to do with knowledge.
Do you want knowledge for knowledge or you want to build something? What do want to build?

For me, there's no better way of learning than doing. And I don't think studying only HTML it's much helpfull. You'll need at least CSS to make anything worth to be seen, and probably a little JS later.

So, I suggest that you think of something to build, and build it.

Developmet it's much more than just languagues and coding. There's lot's of stuff to learn, from code editors to browser compability issues.
You can't learn all at once, and learn all before doing something we'll consume lot's of time.

If you learn a little from each subject from each project you work on, with time, you'll have a good knowledge of a broad range of subjects.

Great your taking the leap, the internet can have its pros and cons when it comes to learing online. You want to make sure the stuff is relevant and up to date. I would recommend Code Accademy

Best way to learn is by doing so as soon as you get the basics you should start trying to answer some of the questions on here to help you improve on your newly learnt skills.

Best of luck with it :)

rosario1990! Don't be worry. I'm also a WebDesign newbie, I'm reading your mind properly. I think, I'm recently started to learn HTML during your Question here in DW. HTML it is one of the easiest things you can learn. It consists with some of tags that you use to tell a web browser what kinds of contents you have.

So my dear, don't forget to check out http://www.w3fools.com/ , http://www.htmldog.com/guides/ beside the w3school.

Im using WebHome X5 i think and im creating a website for IT experts

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