Hi guys,

I have my website here and it is not centered for some reasons. I notice that they are a couple of things wrong but I can't tell what...

Any advice?

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Get rid of these rules in style.css at line 86 for #main:

margin: 0 auto;
width: 1180px;
position: absolute;

P.S. you should be given a prize for the most original and descriptive title to a thread.

LOL, sorry about that.

Okay, I did that but it is still not centered

remove main from line 81
#main, #header, #logo, #menubar, #site_content, #footer { ... }

Then create your own section for main..

#main { margin: 0 auto; width: 1180px; }

Hi JorgeM :)!

Tried, but it is still not centered.

Hmm.. I actually visited your page and modified the style using the browser's dev tool (chrome) and it worked for me.

I took a closer look at your source html markup... you have a bunch of html, head and body tags. Your page should only have one set of each.. take care of that first, then come back and provide an update with your progress.

Ok, Sorted!


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