Hi everyone,

Just after some general advice. I have developed a website that contains several news widgets that will eventually need updating. I am not too fussed about keeping a record of past news events, but that could be nice.

Basically my question is, what is the best way to content manage this? Because the writing of the news stories and website administration will be done by someone with little coding skills, I don't want them to be able to edit the HTML files even on a test platform.

I was thinking I could create a database and the news feeds just draw on that?


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"I was thinking I could create a database and the news feeds just draw on that?" - That's typically how this kind of thing works. You can write this yourself or use an off the shelf package. These are called CMS systems which stands for Content Management System


Having the content in a database is a good idea. You could have a separate application to allow the editor to submit new items. That application may, or may not be a web application. That way you can keep the application simple. MySQL and PHP are good for this purpose.

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