let I am having the Text Link. so what should I do so that i can know how many times the link clicked?
I just want to know how can I get the total clicks of link...
whether its button or text...

This feature is available in softpedia. while clicking download button.

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There are a few ways to handle this. Are you running anything server side that can assist you with handling events? How about client side? Maybe use javascript and Ajax so that when a user clicks on a link, you fire an event then send data back to a page on your site that can handle the data and store the info in a DB table.

I am not familar with the web designing...
but yes, I can just say you simple thing that I am doing...
I use the Web site Builder site i.e. weebly.
What I want ?
I add the button from toolbox and I can add the link to it. (but I can't handle new condition)
But yes I can do it embedded code. i.e. I can create button with html and so on, but the thing is that How I can handle two condition on a same link/button.

For example: here is the button X name: download. and that related with the download link for X software, but I also want to place the button which shows total download (label) below the X button.

Example: Softpedia.
You can view my site so if you get some hints.? WEBSITE HERE

So, it sounds like you are limited in what you can implement on the site. Here is a possible solution for you. Use Google Analytics to track this. This solution only requires the ability to place javascript/jQuery code on your pages.


This won't give you the ability to place the number of downloads next to the button but will let you track it.

If you want to display the number on your site, you will either have to store the number in a DB table and write the code to update and query or you will have to find a service on the web that will allow you to use javascript to send back and retrieve the data upon clicking the button and/or page load.

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