I've had two users request that we add a space between their first and last names as displayed in a table. Problem is: there is a space. Common denominator is they are using an iOS device, using Safari, I think. One was able to provide a screen shot. I tried using a non-breaking space and it still ignored the space. But only in that one place in the content. Really doubt that it can be blamed on the font, or maybe it can. I believe that it's Google Font that has to be downloaded. I should try changing the font, if I can get the user to check it for me.


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Do you have a link to the webpage or some code for people to look at?

A link to the site won't do any good, nor will the code, because 99.9% of visitors see it correctly. I had a screenshot, but it isn't on my PC following a restore from a HD crash. I was merely hoping that someone had also encoutered this phenom. It's pretty hard to put a set of search terms that a SE will return any useful hits.

It's hard to solve a problem that you can't see for your self. Each time you try some fix you ask your users to test it for you?

I'd suggest trying to reproduce the problem first. If you see the problem it's easy to test various alternatives.

Anyway, a really bad but quick fix would be to replace the space with an hifen and make it the color the same as the background.

see what the code looks like in various apple versions
despite what the afficionados believe,
apple software is as full of bugs as everyody else's

good luck

Well, 'space & &nbsp' is not really how you should add spacing between elements or in a table cell if the first name and last name are in seperate table cells. Add through CSS a padding on the td instead.

gentlemedia: both names are in the same cell.

almostbob: thanks for the suggestion, but the free versions are pretty useless. I may shell out $30 some time in the next few months, but can't afford it for just one issue with my time constraints.

AleMonteiro: That's why it's been so hard to address, can't reproduce it, and if I didn't have it in a screenshot, I'd say they were lying.

It seems like it must be be something tied to the css, as it only seems to happen with the user's name in the list, and the only difference is that it is link, but the only css differences between a link and non-linked name are:


    color: #476373;
    text-decoration: none;


    color: #000;
    text-align: (not specified)

What they have in common:

    font-family: "Yanone Kaffeesatz",arial,sans-serif;
    font-size: 150%;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    text-align: right;
    border-collapse: collapse;


Here's a link to the page containing the screenshots:
Click Here

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