I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction in having an image at certain location, which I haven't yet managed to get.

www.meltonbusiness.co.uk is the website

I need any images that I want appearing in the "right_col" area. Problem is ONLY the top image appears perfectly well. But if I try putting any image half way down the content, it doesn't quite appear at the same area as the top-right image i.e. far-right side.

In the index page (home) I've a SECOND image bit further down, which DOES NOT appear on the same "right_col" area as the top image.

Can anyone help ???

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Place them in a div. Position the div. Use CSS for the images to make sure the padding, margin, and borders are set properly and uniformly.

You have three columns of information (nav, content, right bar).

There are a couple of ways to do this...you can set specific widths for each and float everything to the left, or you can float the nav to the left anf the right column to the right (both with set widths) and let the center flow as needed.

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