Anyone try out the new MX products? So far I've tried Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX, and I have to say, I'm VERY impressed! Flash MX now has prebuild components such as form objects: text boxes, buttons, list boxes and more. Also, the interface has changed... for the better. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but it all makes sense. The interface for DW now looks like GoLive... if anyone has tried it. Big improvement on both. I just started using them, so we'll see what happens. What do you guys think?

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I remember back in the day I used to only use HTML. And you were the one who told me to use either Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive! ... but then you told me that you liked Dreamweaver better and recommended it to me over GoLive ...

So now you're saying that Dreamweaver's interface is more like GoLive's? Is that good or bad? You got me totally incredibly hooked on Dreamweaver 4 ... think the upgrade is worth it for me?

If I did buy it, I'd buy the standalone Dreamweaver. I have Flash 5 and I think I only used it one or two times.

Yes! I remember! DW is more addicting than heroine. I started using DW 1.0 back in the day. At first, I didn't like it. None of it made sense and I preferred using regular notepad. Then I got to see some incredible sites that used some fancy layout. I asked myself how long it took to code something like that. Many answers that I got all referred me to DW. Makes sense to me now. Why should web pages be designed using notepad... just takes more time... it's like trying to code a Windows Application using Turbo Assembler instead of Visual C++. Sure, you can do it both ways, but at the end, which can pump out better looking pages with reduced amount of time? The only reason I ask this is because I still know many people who do the whole layout in notepad. :)

Wait wait wait ... so I'm still waiting for an answer. Which is better: Dreamweaver (4 and/or MX) or GoLive?

Should I upgrade? SHOW ME THE WAY!

Dreamweaver, without a doubt. Not only because of it's functionality, but because of its community as well. It's huge. The extension manager is really good too, if you haven't tried it. It can add more functionality to it. Go to Macromedia's site for more info.

I don't think it's worth it to upgrade yet... unless you do some heavy development. Flash MX has neat features, now you can implement listeners (kind of like what Java does) so I've heard, and handles XML even better than the 5, and has more capibilites with 3D, can finally load images on the fly... but unless you're going to use those features... I wouldn't upgrade yet.

Wow. Thats all I can say. I'm a tried and true Adobe GoLive'er. I guess thats because I like the intergration with photoshop, illistrator, and quicktime. I used DW for about 45 minutes and then I uninstalled it, becuase the interface was a pain. GoLive took a little getting used to, and if you know how to use it properly, its a VERY powerfull tool. Version 6 adds PHP,ASP,JSP,WAP, and i-mode support, which I haven't fully used yet, but is amazing. I don't think you can make i-mode and wap pages in DW!

i've use NetObjects Fusion 4 (5 was a disaster) some, GoLive barely, started with HOTDog (like v 1 or 2), and a bit of HoTMeLPro - been crashin w/Dreamweaver 4 for the last month & LOVE it. i DEFINITELY wouldnt understate Flash - got a friend at work who can do some madd stuff with it, never mind whats on the world. basically i think a lot come down to what ur used to.... 8)

lol i use an advanced noetpad

the tags are highlighted in different colors ;D

is dreamweaver really that good?

i used ultraedit-32 for awhile which is a really next text editor, but , well let me put it this way: a Stutz-Bearcat was an AWESOME car for its day, and a Ferrari (peferrably a 575 Maranello - yes, red would be JUST fine!) is an AWESOME car today but to compare them... you cant as theyre simply worlds apart. Go Dreamweaver... Go Dreamweaver... Go Dreaweaver... ;D

of course, having said that my 4 trial expired and my MX prerelease ver is giving me a Privilaged 456 error code & tells me to reinstall - i've tried rebooting/reinstalling, reinstalling/rebooting & rebooting again to no avail... gonna go work on that 4 a few anyways.... :-\

Argh... NetObjects Fusion... thank God I had to work with that demon only once. I had to redesign a web site that was created through it, and it had to be done the same day. Very quirky coming from a Dreamweaver World when I first started using it. It reminds me a lot of Spectra... if anyone has used it.

Netobjects is a really good prog - that it, until uve had a taste of Dreamweaver!!! i'm still comfortable w/it, but Dreamweaver is just sooooo much better!!! ;D

fyi - i just started playing w/Dreamweaver MX - very nice (mayb when i get in2 the meat&potato stuff i might upgrade "nice" 2 "madd kewl" but that'll have 2 wait a bit - i already have a gripe tho: why do publishers have 2 chang the interface just to change it?!!!!!! there was nothin wrong b4 now i have 2 relearn stuff i just learned !!! VERY ANNOYING!!!!! >:(

I LOVE the new look of the interface. It makes more sense to me, even though they ripped it off from Adobe and got sued.

I'm more excited about ColdFusion MX than anything else. I'm a so/so Flash developer, so I don't follow Flash too much. ColdFusion though, I'm big on. Anyone else here a fan?

i've got 1 ear perked up 4 it, but not much more than that - right now i'm working on Dreamweaver MX, then i'm going on2 Flash MX, possibly then onto Fireworks, or more likely an RDMS. if i go the RDMS route, i'll prob go 4 Oracle (i just picked up Oracle PL/SQL 101, highly recommend according to the reviews on Amazon; ISBN: 007212606X) or possible MySQL, as my focus is on web development. I like the IDE of Coldfusion, but i'm a little weary of the non-industry/ODBC standard coding it implements (@least, that is 2 say, from what i understand of how CF works).

If you want to start web development, I highly recommend ColdFusion. It integrates very well a DB through ODBC. Although I have never tried integrating it with MySQL, but I'm sure there's some documentation that tells you how, considering how popular MySQL is.

Wait wait wait ... so I'm still waiting for an answer. Which is better: Dreamweaver (4 and/or MX) or GoLive?

Should I upgrade? SHOW ME THE WAY!

Well this forum is some what old BUT! I would go with MX not the new MX2004 or GoLive.
I have worked with Studio 4, Studio MX,Studio MX2004 and Golive. MX is like Windows 98. Stable and does the same as MX2004.

I love them all and have been using most of the products to this day since 2002. Very expensive, but at least once you get good enough using some or most of them, you can make yourself a crap load of money. So I think its worth it and belive it or not, NOW, some companies even big ones uses macromedia products.

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