Hi everyone, I am such a rookie on this; trying to finish up this webpage for my girlfriend and my problem is that the layer with an iframe does not stay with the background image when viewed in diffrent screen resolutions... Does anyone know how to solwe it? (to have the layer centered nomatter the screen res)

here is the link: http://www.talita.se/historik.html

I would suggest not using layers. Split your background frame image into more pieces ( top, 2 sides and a bottom ). Use a single table with the top image on the top cell, side images on the side cells, and a bottom image on the bottom cell. Something like this:

|     T    |
|  |    |  |
|L | C  | R|
|    B     |

Where L = left image, T = top image, R = right image, B = bottom image.

Where "C" is, you should be able to use a background color rather than an image. If you must use an image, it should be a repeating background image on the table cell rather than an img element.

In the "C" cell, write your content.

The problem with layers like that is a lack of any kind of relationship between the layers... You can't enforce a relationship without using hacks or scripts.