I'm currently working on one of my first full website projects and i need to have a flash music player included. So far I've made basic scripts to make the play, stop, and pause buttons work, but the player can only load one song. I'm hoping that the finished flash player will be able to load multiple songs via next and previous buttons, and that song information (possibly from ID3 tags?) can be displayed within the player as the song changes. If anyone could help me to write (or even better, understand) the code i would greatly appreciate it.

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I dont whether its in other versions but there is sample jukebox in sample apps in MX 2004. That would give you a drift.

You see that's not a big deal. You have two option, use XML or PHP. You could even give arguments to swf file. http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread58249.html

That would help when you use PHP.

For sound you must be surely using sound object. For getting ID3 tags use sound.id3.

use your actionscript reference which is of course include with your copy of flash to know what these two things do.


ok well i got a player up and running, but i need to know if there is a way to link the xml file with a web address, because as of right now, i cannot upload either to my server, and thus, the xml cannot be in the same folder as the flash file.


never mind stupid question =p

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