Alright I've finally had enough. I have been working on my network of sites and have pretty much have run out of ideas. I'm not very proficient at PHP or Java, but I think I have done pretty good so far. I need someone to help me finish this project so it can start making money. It doesn't need alot of work just some fine tuning that I can't seem to figure out.

I am disabled from 2 car accidents and working on my sites is all I can do now. I have no income and have been relying on my gfriend to help support me. I think I have put together a very useful site but I have no help at all. I do the coding the design, and the admin. I don't have any money to pay anyone to help me, and every webamster I talked to wants too much to help me finish it.

If someone looked at the site and wanted to become partners I think the income potential is huge. Even if you don't want to help me you can help by becoming a member. Remember I'm not the greatest coder or designer so please be gentle if you have any word of advice or criticism.


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No I haven't. I am still doing all the work. I would like to have someone that could help me but I need someone honest and trustworthy. I have spent a lot of time putting these sites together and I need them to start generating money.

I just launched Auto Surf Professional. I could use a little help with that script as it is ready to make money now.

If you are interested please send me an email through my site.


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