Hey all wonder if you can help me out, ive got this templates on one of my directories you can view the original here


and download it here


the problem ive is that if you look at the demo in Firefox its fine but in IE under the nav bar its broken. i cant find how to fix it ive been looking at code for days and cant see it. Ive just got to the point where i dont think id see it if i was looking straight at it lol

Thanks if someone can help.

Personally, I'd go through the CSS applying...
border: 2px solid red;

to each element to make sure that it is containing the children correctly.
At least that way you will be able to see what is where and just how much space it takes.

Additionally, you may be able to cheat by applying a white background to the UL ?

But before you do anything like the above,



paste in the URL and see the errors you get.
Start at the top and fix them working down, as you may find a single mistake at the start of your file can cause multiple issues further down... so fixing 1 issue could solve 10 others!

If you do not Validate the code, you are bound to encounter little issues.... usually because something isn't closed... thus styling won't be applied as it cannot calculate the "height" of something that does not end :)