There's something I want to do with flash. Basically I need a flash video player like the one YouTube uses (maybe there's one there somewhere?) that in the embed code it's just a simple parameter which points to a movie file (preferably movie, but I suppose I'll accept flash).

I also want to dynamically insert another movie at the beginning of this.. I suppose it might work as the other one above as I want the "embedder" to be able to choose this movie, so it would be another parameter in the embed code. Could I hook this up to a script which rotated this initial movie?

And another related request is to load a movie (pref. movie, accept .swf) at the beginning of a .swf file, for instance a game, with a bit of ActionScript? I know there's the loadMovie function. Again, would I be able to connect this with a script that rotates/randomizes the movie played (eg arrays in php).

Thanks very much in advance,

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