To start off, the site in question is my band's myspace profile:

Anyway, everything is absolutely working perfectly in Firefox. Not a single problem that I've seen so far. The problem is (as best as I can see) Internet Explorer, for some reason, has one of my cells out of order.

As you can probably see, this is a pretty basic design as far as websites go, and if I just use the HTML for the table outside of myspace, it works fine in both IE and Firefox (independent HTML file here).

I've searched and searched again for a solution but haven't had any luck so far. It seems to be an issue for all releases of IE that I've had access to, and the display is even worse for some older versions. But, in Firefox, Firefox for Mac, and Safari there are no problems at all (at least not that I have seen).

I realize it's probably a little bit of a messy code because we're looking at something like 41 columns and a whole mess of rows and not to mention individual images in cells, so it would have been really easy to make a mistake in the coding somewhere when I was updating everything to be published.

The only other tid bit I can determine is that the cell causing the problem (well maybe not causing problem, but whatever is causing the problem affects this cell) is the one containing the image "myspaceTemplate_40.jpg"

Any help at all is appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,

Oh......I opted against posting the code for the layout in here because it's really rather lengthy....if you need me to post it, I will first thing in the morning because I have to get some sleep soon!! Thanks everybody!

I had the same problem. IE goofs up the rendering if there is not at least one cell with no colspans in it in each column.

Define column widths in cells without rowspan or colspan. Width doesn't always work right in a cell with a colspan in it.

Make sure a colspan in one cell does not collide with a rowspan in a different cell.

Make sure that every cell space is defined. IE does weird things if a cell in the middle is not defined, and cells around it are defined by colspan or rowspan.

I think I follow you, but I'm not exactly sure....

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're saying that for every "td" that doesn't have a colspan value, I need to specify a width for that cell...yes/no/kinda/maybe??

and if I'm right about that, do I need to define the height of each cell as well?

I appreciate your response! This has been driving me nuts!!

I when through and added width parameters for every cell that didn't have a colspan or a rowspan, and it seems like that fixed my problem with things being out of order in IE, but now there's a new problem.

On a few of the image tags, everything will be good when I submit the code and all that jazz, but then it gets altered.


<td rowspan="12">
         <img src="" width="5" height="861">

Turns into this:

<td rowspan="12">
         ..server/myspace_full/images/myspaceTemplate_39.jpg" width="5" height="861">

It seems like the ".." replaces a different amount of the code each time, but always beyond the "http://hopef"

I had a similar issue when I first started setting up this layout because for one reason or another the overall table width was set to 801 instead of 800, but once I changed that I thought everything was good until I discovered the issue with IE.

So that's where I am now.....I'm going back and double checking all my width settings to make sure they're accurate...still open to other ideas!!

Thanks for the help so far

The simple answer?
Stop using myspace!

Check out some sites that promote cross browser computability
CSS Play is a particularly good one.

good luck!

Well I finally got it all worked out!

What I had to do was go through and make sure every cell had at least some form of size parameters (width when there wasn't a colspan, height when there was) and now it seems like everything is working as it should be.

Thanks to MidiMagic for the advice. Turns out that I read your post a little bit wrong initially, but once I went through and put in all the new parameters everything started working.