The latest wrinkle in the lost iPhone story - in which someone left the prototype for the iPhone 4 in a bar and website Gizmondo got hold of it - has taken two unexpected turns.

First, the police got involved. They have raided the editor's personal property and taken his computers in. This, they say, is because the item wasn't his property.

Second, the editor in question is using a legal defence; as a journalist he is allowed to protect his sources and that includes looking at iPhones which were lost. There was never, I add, any question of his having stolen the phone.

What's really remarkable about the whole story is that anyone really cares enough to involve the law. The scuttlebutt appears to be that there's going to be a better camera on the next iPhone and a camera on the front to allow video conferencing.

These have to be the least surprising announcements since "and it'll probably have more storage for music, and multitasking", which also appear to be likely.

The idea of an iPhone with better battery life and which will do more stuff, better, is of course enormously positive for Apple and its customers. But as far as scoops or leaks go, it's hardly earth-shattering. Next week: Intel tries to make its chips go a little faster...

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