Having just upgraded my HD theater with all HDMI for best all Digital viewing, I was in need of some HDMI peripherals to add some flexibility in my system.
It was hard to find guidance from the local sales person at the BB, CC stores.
After I studied, here are some essential HDMI peripherals:

HDMI switch. This allows multiple HDMI sources to be connected to a single HDTV.
HDMI switch. Which allows you to switch between multiple HDMI or DVI sources to 1 HDTV.

A HDMI splitter, on the other hand, will show a HD source or computer to 2 HD monitor.

You can use a HDMI splitter, it has 1 input and 2 HDMI outputs that lets you mirror both pictures on both displays. You don't need to do any switching, it will just show up on both displays.

You can get automatic and remote control versions of these. RGB / Component is also be widely used now and will still give you the same quality picture as you've got.

There are three main levels of HD; 720p, 1080i, 1080P. Then 100Hz - imagine what you're watching as 35mm film; anything fast moving it slows down and inserts frames so that it appears to be smoother. - clever eh!

A HD source is needed really to get the best from any HD setup; Sky HD, VirginMedia etc, or a BluRay player or a PS3. Stay well clear of HD DVD though.

If you ever get bored, Mircosoft had some IMAX HD video clips - quite impressive actually, you could always link your pc (idealy via DVI or HDMI) and play them through your TV.

One last thing; be wary of screen burn! It can take from around 24hrs of the same still image on a LCD and only 12hrs of the same still image on a Plasma.

Plasma Tv's are not like car aircons - you don't need to get them refilled every so often! However they do weigh a lot more; partly due to the glass front where as LCD generally use plastic.

Try to use quality cables; as in most cheap ones not all the pins are connected!

Dazza :cool: