hi i posted this in geeks lounge and then found this site...oops? Well, guys i dropped 9 hard earned bucks on this computer tester on ebay...lol how bad did i do? My biggest concern is...can it HARM my computer...ive got a paper weight to try it on now...i was curious to see if it could find the trouble( its the cpu ) i cooked it :twisted: oh well...id love to hear your thoughts...nothing on google at all. probably a very bad sign there... Great site! :icon_cool:

hello ,i actually bought 2 different one over the years,latest one was for laptops / or PC .,and yes they do actually work ,well sort of . i have plugged them into many computers and never caused any damage.most time they only tell you what you all ready suspected ,if you have a bad CPU it will show that ,with error code ,manual shows code related to cpu .simple .it only reads the post codes of the bios i think .some motherboards have the 4 led light code on them . i havea laptop with a overheating problem ,but it wont tell me why it over heats ,because it actually boots up.anyway they were a cheap! novelty

ya thanks!...what i was thinking..another toy lol...this 1 has the 4 digit post code LEDs plug into the perifal slot or usb...off topic but...your overheating if its over clocked,...no airflo,...or a cpu thats not seated correctly/ bad thermopaste. if its older...its most likely full of dust...:)