What are the repercussions of having an odd number of RAM modules.

E.g. 3 x 4GB

I know it will work but I want to know exactly what damage it can do/problems it can create.


EDIT: And also, why is it better to have more RAM modules
(e.g 2x4GB < 4x2GB)

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hi, you could search google.com and get a better answer than i can give ,for sure ,

there is no problems in having odd numbers it will not cause any damage to the computer , ,i have 4 slots in my computer ,only using 3 of them ,3x1gb,not an issue ,but i do loose out the DDR [double data rate ]function by not having the 4th slot filled .

its always better to have more as windows and the programs you have installed on the computer will all use there fair share to run better , ,so the more you have for it to access the better .

if you have more ram modules, I'd think that the OS can spread out it's memory functions over all the ram modules rather than overloading the 2 or 1 modules instead. atleast that seems to make sense right? if you only have 1 chip, it's going to be overloaded with commands to store memory.
as for having 3 ram modules, i don't see much of a problem with it other than not having dual channels or DDR like caperjack mentioned, I'll try it out at home and let you know though.


windows will not overload ram chips ,what it does is clear ram not being used at the moment ,ram chips is wiped clean each time computer is rebooted .

i have been using 3 ram chips with one slot empty for about 3 yrs now,no problem .i even have 3 different speeds in use ,they will all automaticly run at the lowest speed . ,just put the forth chip in yesterday ,this thread reminded me that i had one two use .

Hi I have a similar query in that one of my memory slots has a broken retaining clip (which is not repairable, I think). I have a Dell 690 with two banks of memory (8 slots). Bank 1 has two 2GB sticks and two 1GB sticks. Bank 2 has the damaged slot in slot position two. I have several 1GB sticks and wonder whether I can just fill the three good slots or whether I should leave two slots empty as the memory is supposed to be installed in pairs.

Hi I have a similar query in that one of my memory slots has a broken retaining clip

if its just the retainer that is broken it should still work ,last time i had a computer wit ha broken retainer click i use hot Glue gun to but a nice dab of glue on the end where the retainer goes,worked for me good luck

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