Hi guys,

im doing a project atm and it's really important. It's about building an android application showing forms that link into a database (Mysql), using Xampp. The database then links to a GUI (php?)showing information gathered from the application on the field. Any suggestions on how to go about this? Not much of a programming expert. Much thanks

Well, over here I can't guide you much on this one as its something that can be written down whole over here rather, because you seemed to have ask for help in which that whole code needs to be put over here ! :(

I read your writing. You're going to build an android application it's good news. However, you can follow your competitors for this. This will be better and you'll get ideas how to do that.

It is wonderful to read your information that you are developing an ATM project.But, you had never explained under which coding you needs the guidance and what are allthe problems you have been facing in that coding.Also please try to enlarge your atm project details which will be helpful for us to solve your problem.