please can someone help me unlock this locked mobile phone. Model is MOTOROLA EX225.

PNG is a developing country with many of this phone models but when locked it is useless so I want to help.


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If it is locked, and you don't have the unlock code, then it isn't your phone... Sorry, no help here!

Thanks Rubberman,
I know it isnt my phone but I am trying to help others. I tried all the internet help I could get but am still unlucky therefore Im asking for any personal assitances.

Sorry, but still no help here to unlock devices. We have no assurance that the device is in the possession of the owner, your assurances to the contrary. The only thing I can suggest is to do a factory reset. Of course, all data that is not on the external SD card will be lost.

Thanks Rubberman,
Well this model doesnt do factory data reset thats why Im seeking help from you guys out there. Since checking the on the Motorola website it told me this. Thats why Im checking if there was some other possibilities anybody could have found out about.

Thanks again.

Everything that is legal you will find here:
I don't know from your post whether you are attempting to unlock someone's PW, or to unlock from a provider. Certainly they will guide you to unlocking from a provider. But then, often too, will the provider if you pay a fee or a certain time has elapsed. In PNG it is possible that your provider is TLS? - in which case, the last advice does apply. Check xda for your model, visit the forums.
Okay, from your topic header, it's a password unlocking you seek... Mobile phones are computers - you can ...k, I'll stop here.

commented: Please kindly help if you any idea. Ma sista locked it & cannot remember the code she entered. +0

We will not provide help with anything that could be illegal, see the rules...

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