Hello to all,

Brand new to the site. Hoping someone can help. I recently purchased a Palm T|X on E-bay -- the seller had 98% positive feedback so I was confident in buying. The Palm arrived and looked great -- however, it seems to reset itself frequently and unexpectedly -- just one example -- I downloaded a trial of "Fish Tycoon" and it seemed to be running fine. I exited the game, went back to it later and after playing a few minutes longer I hit the "home" icon on the screen -- the screen went blank and the device reset!

One day my task program disappeared and I had to manually do a soft reset. (That was really odd since Tasks is built into ROM I thought)

Anyway, I have a warranty and am wondering if this sounds like a dud or what and what others would do?

Appreciate any and all advice!


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On ebay as everywhere else 98 % honesty is much less 100 %. I bought an defect Ipaq with warranty on a similar site for cheap and had it repaired/replaced by the manufacturer, HP. Try the same with Palm - if the warranty was with them, of course

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