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Have the app on an old Blackberry Curve 8330. Have never used it but now that I need it I find the following difficulty. Launching the app shows a folder icon, a blue word to go icon, and a red slideshow to go icon. Launching the word icon I find that the app leads to the next option..."open a file" which is a folder icon that, when selected, shows a message "scanning for files" which then leads to another page that says:
Open a file... below it is a folder icon that says device memory. Through the USB connection I have moved some word 2007 documents to different folders in the hopes that I could find one of them and know precisely where word documents go. Have not been fortunate in this regard. Have not been fortunate in this regard and have not found specific documentation on how to address this.

Images uploaded to Microsoft online folder!565&authkey=!AICTyMIFvG7YIaw&ithint=folder%2cjpg

Guidance sought

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