Have the Blackberry Curve 8330 and, through a USB cable, have been able to move data with my windows 7 notebook. Apparently changed something in the settings on the Curve and now when connecting the USB cable windows does not show the device and its folders. Hoping for guidance on how to restore connectivity.

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Try leaving the Curve attached to the computer. Shut the computer off (cold shutdown - not a restart). Then reboot the computer and see if the device is detected. Note that many mobile devices have two USB modes. One is to have it seen as a usb storage device. The other is to see it as a mobile device, such as a tether. Check the device configuration. You should be able to enable the usb storage option from the system settings if necessary.


The simple way to thisproblem is please check whether if you connect the blckberry curve 8330 to windows 7 notebook,either of the devices recognize each other or not. If not, then please check whether the settings are enabled or not. These are the two simple ways to solve your problem.

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