hi all can u advise on how to synchronize my addresses and contacts on the blackberry8700g using MAC through entourage application??

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I'm not one of the experts but when I synced my palm i went to the mactopia site... I'll look at my notes ... when i synced my phone I went a round about way... i synced to apple address book and then i synced the address book to entourage ... back up everything before you do anything... cuz when i first did it ... i choose a wrong conduit and I lost or duplicated address...

Look on the microsoft office 2004 site i think they have some info .... meanwhile i;ll check what i didin my notes


I just read the help on entourage ... it only showed syncs for palm devices and palm desktop. I'm not familiar with your device... does it have bluetooth and does your mac have bluetooth.

You could sync your blackberry with apple address then sync apple address with entourage .. Like I said I'm not an expert but i did it that way with trial and error. lemme know what you find out.


thanx man it's ok i'll check it up:),i'll try some moves and let you know the result..

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