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Take some time thinking through where you run your cables. A tidy case promotes good airflow and cool parts :)

Touch the case before touching any components, this can reduce the chance of a static shock to your components. Don't go sliding around on the carpet with socks on either :)

The only bit that might be considered 'tricky' is installing your CPU's heatsink/fan. Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine.

Once it's all built the 1st thing to do is check your CPU's temperature in the BIOS, just to make sure it's all good. 35-45 degrees Celsius it where I'd expect it to be.

Enjoy :)


Thanks for the advice... the calculator doesn't work?


Click the calculator link the the bottom right corner of that page, then choose the free version. Strange the link doesn't work, must depend on what page you were on previously or some such 'too smart for its own good' feature.

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