Hey guys. I bought a Laptop car charger the other day at a garage sale for a couple bucks. Since it was an IBM product and I had an IBM laptop it may work. There is only one issue. It's a 56 Watt charger and the laptop has a 65 Watt Power Supply. Otherwise, there is no issue for using the supply.

I am not totally up on the Wattage and under powering something, so I want to double-check before I go using the PS. Will having a 56 Watt supply hurt? Would it be better just for charging and not main use?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi yes you can use it for charging and light work, not power intensive task like games.... 9 watts of difference is not a big deal.


That is what I thought. I should do a Wattage check on this laptop and see how much it uses. Thanks.

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