Hey guys. I bought a Laptop car charger the other day at a garage sale for a couple bucks. Since it was an IBM product and I had an IBM laptop it may work. There is only one issue. It's a 56 Watt charger and the laptop has a 65 Watt Power Supply. Otherwise, there is no issue for using the supply.

I am not totally up on the Wattage and under powering something, so I want to double-check before I go using the PS. Will having a 56 Watt supply hurt? Would it be better just for charging and not main use?

Thanks in advance.

Hi yes you can use it for charging and light work, not power intensive task like games.... 9 watts of difference is not a big deal.

That is what I thought. I should do a Wattage check on this laptop and see how much it uses. Thanks.