I recently built a new pc, and from the beginning its been restarting randomly. Ive changed the RAM, added fans, plugged into different outlets, reinstalled windows and all other applications. I've changed the page file size, and when I changed the settings and disabled restart when it detects a problem, the blue screen message i get is page fault in non-page area. Does anyone know what it might be?


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Hi Jenny.

Please, post exact BSOD (with numbers) and some hardware info (Mobo, OS, GPU, RAM...)

Most likely it is a Mobo and/or video driver issue or a faulty RAM.

For the quick fix, you can increase RAM voltage in BIOS and try to recreate the problem then. More voltage should give you more stability. Don't be afraid to increase it to the max. If it has alu-casing (actually, a heatsink), don't forget to rev it back to defaults later on.

If you have Norton Anti-virus, it might be in conflict with Windows Verifier and is known to cause same BSOD.

This is the error message I get on the Blue screen:

0x00000050 (0xA14D47B0, 0x00000000, 0x8050CF2F, 0x00000000)

You're not giving me much to go from. I don't know wether you are running XP or Vista, or what makes/models your motherboard and VGA are..

You mentined "all other applications".. Can you be more specific? Anyone of them can cause this very general error message.

Yo can try uninstalling one by one to see which (or if) one of them causes the error.

That error is usually caused by faulty memory including RAM,processor L2 cache and video Ram.
If possible test the memory and the video card .
Try removing and putting back in place the memory and video card.
This may solve the problem.

RAM problem, try to test the RAM by using tester software


..or could be simple RAM timing misconfiguration.

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