I dont know alot about computer, sorry if its what iam writing is not clear.

Last night i was using my computer when all of a sudden the computer lost power. There was no warning of any sort on the monitor. When i tryed to turn on my computer, everything seem to be working except my monitor wont connect with the computer and the green light in the front of the computer wont light up. Nothing is showing up on the monitor. The monitor have power and everything else seem to be ok too.

The computer is about 1 year old, Video card running, mother board light on, power supply is ok, all the wires are checked

can it be my Hard drive? does a hard drive failure shut down your computer and not allow it to boot up or responde with the monitor?

when you power on your computer check if the K/B led's lit up, and after 2 mins. try pressing the caps lock on your k/b,see if it will respond..if none of these thing work then you need to check your CPU unit..it means that your monitor doesn't receive any signal from the CPU. that's why nothing is displayed

there is no light on the keyboard and i also notice there is no beep when i turn on the computer. Can it be that the motherboard is borken? the fan is running fine and the fan on my video car is also running.

if there is no light on the keyboard then your mobo can't initialize, then it could be a faulty mobo... just try to take apart your cpu then try to put it back sometimes it helps.. maybe just a loss connection.. if it doesn't help then your mobo got problem...

possibly the powersupply must have gone for a toss... try with another smps. once you get the keyboard response on caps lock after booting then you can tackle the nxt prob.