My infatuation about the new Macbook Air is not ending just yet. In fact, the ComputerWorld blog has news -- hopefully insider scoop -- about what I'm dreaming about.

Author Seth Weintraub says that the reason for the Macbook Pro delay (that is, why they weren't announced last week at MacWorld) was part of an Intel shortage of Penryn processors. According to sources, these processors, which are extremely fast and aren't as hot as their predecessors, won't be available until February.

Which gives you more time to dream and get pumped, because there are more goodies on the table.

The next Macbook Pros will very likely take on the exciting new Touch interface, the cool iPhone/iPod Touch style pinching, grabbing, and resizing functionality built into the trackpad. And hopefully that will indeed be the case. With the excitement about the Macbook Air, there's no reason why Apple's higher end laptops can't take on the same technology. It's only a matter of time, really.

I remember after the whole iPod Touch-is-not-the-iPhone brouhaha that users, including myself, felt shafted that they couldn't do iPhone functions on their brand new 1st generation Touch. Well, it looks like Apple is caving, although it's going to cost consumers. Hopefully, Apple is learning its lesson and will put the customer first before their financial interests, because it's the customer who ultimately predicts its success as a company. And hopefully these products are on the horizon, because I can finally say with confidence that I can't wait to get a Macbook Pro.

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>...will put the customer first before their financial interests
If they can increase profits otherwise, I believe, that as a publicly traded company, they are legally obligated to maximize their profits... or at least make a very convincing show of it.


I don't doubt that they need to show it, but if they upset the little guy, the investors are angry too...

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