The New York Times ran an interesting story yesterday with the title of Another DVD Format, but This One Says It's Cheaper. Essentially, a London based company has come up with an alternative to Blu-Ray just when you thought that particularly bloody consumer battle had been laid to rest. The HD VMD, or Versatile Multilayer Disc, promises to be just as good as Blu-Ray on image quality but a lot more pleasant on your wallet. Forgive me for saying so, but wasn't that what HD DVD promised and failed to succeed in the marketplace with the backing of Toshiba? I fail to see how a small UK outfit can do better, to be honest.

No, I don't forgive your premature judgments...

We need a single standard that never changes, not a hodge-podge of pseudo-standards that keep changing.

the wiki page also mentions

Icon Productions, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures,

thses are big names.

Oh go on Scru, please forgive me :)

Seriously though, do you reckon a small outfit is going to break Blu-Ray and succeed in the consumer marketplace where Toshiba and HD DVD failed?

Yes, if it is in fact, considerably cheaper and maintains a similar quality to BluRay discs. In the free market, the cheaper, same-quality product wins.