I don't know what happened, but the laptop's screen suddenly went completely black. It is a Toshiba laptop (that's all I know about it). The strange thing about this state it is in is that the power button is glowing and wont turn off, no matter how many times or how long you press it. Also, if you press "Caps Lock", the little light doesn't go on. The fan doesn't go on inside, but I don't think that is the problem (because of the power and Caps Lock buttons). What is happening to it? (By the way, I could probably investigate and find the exact model of the laptop if necessary.)

Does your computer boot into bios? If not....

First thing to try:

Your system might have a bad memory stick or bad dimm slot. Test a stick in both slots.

Try cleaning their gold contacts with a pencil eraser before inserting them in their slots.

No, my computer doesn't boot into anything. And uh, sorry, could you explain what all those other things are? I'm only fourteen.

Be sure your computer is turned off and unplugged. Remember, the battery should also be removed in the compartment. Don't touch anything except from the memory modules inside your laptop.

Refer to your computer manual on how to remove and reinstall the memory modules or sticks in the slots. The memory bay is located underneath the laptop.

Do what I have said in my previous post. See the attached sample picture of a memory module.