hi I have a U.S.Robotics MAXg USR5417 PCI Wireless Network Adapter - 802.11g that I have recently installed in my computer (I am using my parents computer) and I am using it with my parents router. The router is a GT704WG that they got from verizon. They are connected through DSL to the router to a vonage adapter to the ethernet cord to the computer. so it is a wired connection. It took me a while to get my wireless to work but I finally did...for two days...but now I had to hard reset the router becaudse the internet wasnt working on the wired connection but was for the wireless and now that I did that (I still had to do other things to get the wired connection to work) I finally did get the wired connection to work but the wireless connection no longer works...I dont know what to do...I have manually configured the IP address for it (which worked the last time I did that) any suggestions? what other info do you need?

Thanks for the help

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when you hard reset the router it probably just reset the settings on the router. just go in and reconfigure the wireless settings.

hi, i have a problem with my pc. i`ve installed pci wireless card on my pc, but it seems that it can not connect with the router, altough the lap top has no problem connecting to the router. some say that the issue is with the compatibility between the router which is speedport ant the pci card which is TP-LINK.

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