Twitter was all a-twitter overnight (UK time) about the iPhone version 3.0 software upgrade. It was falling over, people weren't able to download, it was agony and then it wasn't working apparently. I hope you don't enjoy reading that sort of stuff. I'm not able to write it, you see; it works here, installed perfectly and frankly I love it.

To make it work - no, really work - you just need to follow Clapperton's Laws of Upgrading:

1. Don't all try to upgrade at once. This is a surefire way of crashing the server. I downloaded about 11 hours after the software became available and there was no problem.

2. Look for what's in the upgrade rather than what isn't. I can now cut and paste and all of my wireless speakers work perfectly with the newly-A2DP compliant iPhone. I have a set playing now. I can also send mail in landscape and have just sent a picture of me looking like a grinning idiot (funnily enough) to my wife.

3. Don't try to hack it. Nobody likes the idea of paying a load extra for tethering; that doesn't mean that Apple, 02 or whoever your carrier may be outside the UK are under any obligation if your system falls over after you've deliberately broken their coding.

4. Actually, just don't try to break it, or if you do, don't tell everyone it's rubbish because your attempt at demolishing it succeeded.

That would actually take care of a load of the complaints at a stroke. Apple and its carriers are now left with one problem; if my experience is this much better with the software upgrade, why am I going to want to upgrade the hardware, even in six months when I'm free of the contract..?