Hi All,

I'm new, so I hope that I've started the thread in the right section. I appologize if I haven't. I'm thinking about upgrading my video card so that it has HD capability so that I can connect it to my HD TV.

My Laptop is the Compaq Presario 2100. It's obviously not the greatest, but I put another 512 megs of RAM in it, so it's running just over 700. I think it currently has some ATI Radeon 64 mb piece of crap graphics card.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with what I should be doing? Is this even doable?

Thanks so much!

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maybe one of the brainios here knows better - but it's not doable.

If it's doable, it's because there is a better graphics module out there with the same form factor and interface. Then there's integration with the motherboard, the BIOS (prolly the lesser problem) and so on.

There are USB Graphics Cards, including those with HDTV support. Google that.

Thanks a lot!

I had a feeling that I was toast for upgrades. My computer keeps freezing during Age of Empires 2, after about 30 minutes of play...it's pathetic. I thought it might be the graphics card.

Anyways, much appreciated.


Now we know what your problem is, have a look at this link.

AoE2 is oldish; your laptop is oldish. Ought to work with the right settings and not freeze.

I also found this advice on another forum:
When does it hang. I think the game has a know problem when the unit count gets to high. My AOE2 hangs when I hit about 1000 units.

Also have you patched the game to its newest version. It isn't your hardware, I don't think

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