So here's what happened. Housemate asked me to delete the obnoxious anti-virus software which comes pre-installed on the Dell Dimension E310 -- since the damn thing was giving him pop-up windows every 15 minutes, demanding money to renew his subscription. Y'all know the drill. I went ahead and used the official MS "Add/Remove Programs" utility to uninstall the obnoxious anti-virus software scam. Powered down the machine and tried to reboot it to make sure everything was OK. Now I can't get beyond the flashing-amber-light "power saving mode" on the tower console. The machine WILL NOT BOOT AT ALL -- won't even come out of power-saving mode. I'm totally flummoxed. WTF??? To make it worse, the OS came pre-installed on the computer, so we have NO reinstallation CD that we try to start by using a cheater 3.5" emergency reboot disk. But even if we had one, ain't gonna do us any good if we can't even get out of "power save" mode. HELP! Anybody got a quick fix for this atrocity?


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Hi Dana,

Try removing the battery out of the laptop and disconnecting the machine from any power. Leave it for about an hour or so then replace the battery and the power and try start it up again.
Also make sure that there are no external periferals plugged into the machine like Thumb drives, external hard drives or even a floppy disc in the drive.

If those two things don't work then try going into the bio as it starts up and resetting it to the fail safe defaults.

Hi Dana,

My name is John, and I work at Dell headquarters as a support analyst. Sorry for the late reply, as I just found your post. I hope this reaches you.

It sounds to me like an unfortunate coincidence, as no software uninstall will ever cause your system not to POST. It sounds like your power supply or motherboard is on the fritz. If you haven't contacted our support already to get this resolved, feel free to give me a shout:

You didn't do anything to cause this. It just happened.

Dell Customer Advocate

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