if i was to put a hard drive in a enclosure and set it up on my computer in my bedroom
1. format it
2. allocate drive letter
would i be able to write files to it and take it to my other computer down stairs and use it without
formatting it or allocating it a drive letter

bondi 007:)

you should be able to. You might need to assign a drive letter but im not sure.

so all i need is to assign a drive letter thats all i dont have to format it

thanks for suggestion
bondi 007:)

i dont think so. I think windows treats removable hard disks in a similar way to flash drives

so it would just work like my mp3 player or my memory stick

bondi 007:)

i think so. My dad had to reinstall his pc and he had all his docs backed up onto a 320gb USB HDD and after reinstall it worked fine.

cheers for that i was just a bit worried of wiping my hard drive and my drive wouldnt work

bondi 007

USB drives are designed for compatibility and plug n play.
Is the drive you're referrring to a USB drive or an IDE drive that you're building your own case for?

Nonetheless, plugging an IDE HDD into a windows machine it will pick it up right away.
You may need to choose "update devices" in the BIOS if its not picking up the hardware changes.

Im putting my hard drive in an enclosure so it will be ide but the interface to the computer will be usb 2.0 so what will the situation be?

bondi 007

I'm afraid i've never done that, so i wouldnt know.
Plug it in, and find out.
Either your BIOS will pick it up.
Or the OS will pick it up as removable storage.

cheers for that i will keep it in mind

bondi 007:)

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