My Dell 4700 3.4 GHz P4 running XP has excessive fan noise, similar to a vacuum cleaner. The noise is caused by moving plenty of air, not a defective fan. Early 4700's had heat sink problems, but this computer has a new (large) heat sink and fan, installed properly. Fins and the metal plate touching the microprocessor hardly heat up after running for 10-15 minutes.

Any suggestions?

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I have had that problem with my mates dell computer but it sounded like a helicopter

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Thanks - I never thought of that approach. I understand Dell has a proprietary setup, and I'll need to contact them and see if there is a problem. I don't have any empty external bays, but they have an expansion slot controller. See
If I can't find a repair, this will allow me to keep my sanity or avoid ear plugs.

I have had that problem with my mates dell computer but it sounded like a helicopter

There is a problem with them. The fan is off balance a little bit and it rubs against the body of the fan. I had the same problem. Thats why I stick to building my own computers.

I had not heard of the misaligned fan problem, but Dell forums had a number of posts indicating that the existing heat sink was not adequate for the higher speed (at that time) microprocessors, causing the fan to run fast and generate too much noise.

I purchased a new even larger heat sink and fan from Dell parts for about $30, if I remember correctly, and received a really impressive heat sink. It didn't help the noise problem. The heat sink was cool, and I decided the fan control system only ran at full speed.

I purchased the computer at a swap meet, and seriously considered returning it, but the original price was quite reasonable, and it included XP Pro and Office. I purchased some extender cables and put the computer in an adjacent storage room. It's still there, roaring away but running with no problems.


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