After a reformat of a Dell Dimension 2400, the resolution of the machine will not go above 480X640. I can not get any sound to play. In device manager, I get the big Yellow Question Mark of Death for all of the "Other Devices," including my ethernet controller, multimedia controller, PCI Modem, SM Bus Controller, USB Controller, and Video Controller. What can I do to remedy this problem?

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go to dell wed site and down load driver for all the devices listed under other devices, for your model of pc

To add to that, in Device Manager use the option to reinstall the drivers for each affected device.

Hope that works and best to do this in Safe Mode as user Administrator.

i cannot find any category called "other devices" on the dell site

Hello what you are missing is the Chipset driver (motherboard Intel or AMD based). Without it the OS cannot talk properly to the system bus, memory controllers and devices built into the mother board. Once you install it you need may need to reinstall network and audio devices but you will see that it starts to recognise all the other devices after the chipset driver is installed.

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